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Looking for PPC Management Services in Canada?

Google Ads can help you market your brand to the right people at the right moment. This will help you promote your brand immediately and raise brand awareness in a short amount of time. Google Ads offers the most important advantage: You can set your budget and it will only be deducted when a user clicks on your advertisement.

Pay per click refers to the cost of advertisements displayed on a site when visitors are directed to another website. Typically, this takes place in some form of sponsored link-building or SEO marketing tactic and provides for additional revenue streams that might not otherwise be possible with organic traffic alone.

SERP Technology Solutions – Leading PPC Management Company in Canada

SERP Technology Solutions designs AdWords campaign and Ads format to reach, engage and convert customers. We are Canada’s most trusted PPC agency. Our campaigns are easy to scale and manage.

We are a top-ranked PPC service company and your trusted partner in optimizing the advertisement space for your maximum benefit. We are leading digital marketing firm. Our PPC service helps you to create an appealing and persuasive advertisement that leads to a conversion. Companies want to increase visibility for their product or service and require a marketing campaign. Effective eye text should be clear and concise, regardless of character limitations.

With a marketing plan in place, we search for and advertise keywords that end-users are interested in. We also specialize on improving existing ad campaigns. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to earn the trust and respect of all stakeholders. We are always in touch with our clients to find out their needs.

Why Your Business Needs PPC Campaign?

PPC Experts can provide complete Google AdWords Management Services. Our Google AdWords Specialists can easily double, triple or even triple you’re online Sales & Lead Volume. They also provide the best ROI for Pay Per Click Marketing.

Do your AdWords campaigns have following flaws?

  1. Quality Scores Down
  2. CTR is Decreasing
  3. Irrelevant and high cost
  4. Not getting any leads
  5. Low Conversion

How We Can Improve Your Campaign?

Our PPC strategy and campaigns are developed for our clients. As a PPC service provider, our experts will never forget their business goals or objectives. Our expert team can keep track of competitor growth and performance to give you an advantage over them. These are some of the special highlights of our PPC services which includes:

  • Search Factors

Show Text Ads containing Keywords to Increase Sales. Good ROI on search Engine.

  • Visualization

Targeting audience on texts, image and video Ads format.

  • Mobile Audience

Locating Mobile Audience for reach, engagement, and conversion through search.

  • Shopping Search

Searching for the Audience’s Interest in Google Shopping, YouTube & Images by Product information.

SERP Technology Solutions Approach to PPC Campaign

We follow a systematic approach that ensure planning, research, execution and optimization. Our Campaign Structure is flexible and easy to manage. It covers Campaign Goal Setting, Campaign Selection, Audience Targeting as well as Reporting and Optimization.

  • Optimization

We will get your AdWords and PPC Campaigns back on track. We will make your existing campaigns successful. No matter how successful you are, we can help you make it happen.

  • Setting Up Campaign

Our PPC Specialists will help you create an AdWords/Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click Campaign. You will get a headstart with our analysis, keyword research, implementation and support.

  • Managing Campaign

Relax. As you manage your business, let Pay Per Click Marketing be outsourced to an expert. We will handle your campaigns and make them profitable for you.

  • Consultation Help

Would you like the opportunity to speak over the telephone with an AdWords Expert? We offer an hourly customized phone consultation to help you get maximum out of AdWords.

  • Free Analysis

To help AdWords users succeed, we offer free Google AdWords account audits each month.

Your AdWords Campaigns can be a success today!

Why Us?

We are Adwords certified professionals who will help you grow your business with ROI-focused Adwords management. Our goal as a top provider of PPC services Canada is to be an extension of your team and increase ROI, business revenue, profits.

With a clear goal and strategy, discover brand’s presence instantly to the right audiences. The main objective of this website is to drive more visitors from specific locations and to expand business.